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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Thu Sep 20 11:05:46 MST 2012

This is the final update for version 1.1 (discussion moving to the new
thread for version 1.2 of the module which I am about to release today).

__Known issues in version 1.1 (Vassal related and unsolvable with
current engine):__

1) General slowness of response.. keep in mind the module is doing a lot
of behind the scenes actions for you.. and Vassal was never really
designed for this type of automation

2) Resources and villain cards should not be movable at all (current
Vassal limitiation): players are not supposed to drag them anywhere

3) Multiple heroes in the same district do not stack properly (current
Vassal limitation): players need to use UP/DOWN arrows to bring chosen
hero to front

4) Similarly, solved headlines and story cards don't stack properly in
team windows: used UP/DOWN arrows if you want to look at them

5) Combat log in combat screen doesn't roll well: sometimes, when
hero/villain takes a KO and looks beaten, text overlaps instead of

6) Game log (in the chat window) shows out of synch on remote computers
(i.e. when player A takes its turn it shows in wrong order for player B
and viceversa)  --> fixed by Vassal 3.2.0 (starting with build 8268)

__Known issues/bugs in version 1.1:__

1) In some circumstance hero/villain continue buttons in the combat
window are still presented at the same time, causing potential freezes
if all players (online) click on them at the same time --> fix committed

2) The rare events of hero and villain simultaneously getting knocked
off are not yet completely supported (Absorbing Man case only?) and the
game will freeze
3) Basic story action (=just take one resource) is not working in solo
play mode    --> fix committed
4) Forced game ended has been reported following some story action which
gave VP to a team, despite it being far from required winning level
(solo play mode only?)   --> need more exhaustive reports, cannot

5) Cerebro/Peter Parker/Blue-Eyed Thing supporting actions are not
working when trying to advance story track or just take 1 resource card
(solo play mode bug only)   --> fix committed

6) Cerebro does not work if there are no X-Men cards in the track or
freezes waiting for 2nd story action if there is only 1 X-Men card in
the track and first story action was moving it to top (solo play mode
bug only)   --> fix committed

7) Combat with multiple villain players freezes when head villain was
Absorbing Man and he was activated to give a KO on his defense roll with
hero dead as a result     --> fix committed

8 ) The phase log (showing current initiative, current event, next
event) is not showing if no villain shows up and game proceeds directly
to masterplan resolution   --> fix committed

9) Sabretooth and Abomination should not be able to activate their
ability to remove the KO just taken (i.e. when they just took their
first KO)   --> fix committed

10) Elektra's Ninja ability should be unstoppable by the likes of
Sabretooth/Abomination (i.e. those villains should not be able to remove
either the 1st and the 2nd KO when Elektra inflicts two KO's at once via
Ninja ability)

11) Rhino's combat ability shows as properly activating at the right
time but it is not really used in dice comparison  --> fix committed

12) In some circumstances ready (supporting?) small miniatures are left
behind in the combat window when the game moves on after combat  --> fix

13) Invisible Woman's supporting combat ability was removing an extra
hit when activated  --> fix committed

14) Some reports used for module editing and debugging are showing up in
game window by mistake (e.g. during Head Villain definition phase) and
should be removed     --> fix committed

15) When moving on to masterplan resolution the "Used" labels on the
ready hero combat ability(ies) should be removed  --> fix committed

16) Fantastic Four could not play any ally linked to them (solo play
mode only)   --> fix committed

17) The Enchantress Enchanted Kiss should not carry on to different
ready hero if troubleshooting team changes fighting hero in multiple
ready hero situations  --> fix committed

18) The power ups/masterplans in the English version are mostly
unreadable  --> please somebody send high resolution scans!

19) When a team is requested to acknowledge solving an headline all
heroes can be sent back home for free  --> fix committed

20) Bullseye/Venom combat ability is not working  --> fix committed

21) For many villains, but not all, activation of the villain combat
ability is working for lead villain player only   --> fix committed

22) At game start the (randomly selected) first player is not able to do
any plotting unless he/she was the one starting the game itself (network
play bug only and due to a Vassal known bug)  --> fixed by Vassal 3.2.0
(starting with build 8268)

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