[messages] [Developers] What needs t o be resolved before 3.2.0?

mroyer mroyer1 at comcast.net
Fri Sep 21 03:36:30 MST 2012

"uckelman" wrote:
> I need exact steps to reproduce this.

It's fairly simple actually.  If you're in a large module (such as the
one I posted for another reason the other day), and you open the Windows
Task Manager and monitor the java.exe memory usage, the usage will jump
up each time you move your game map window to another section of the map
(i.e., bring new tiled sections into memory) or zoom in/out. 
Eventually, it will consume the entire allocated heap (and a bit more)
and repainting the map images will bog down heavily (often taking 20+
seconds to repaint) and on occasion the game will crash with a message
saying "out of memory" or something like that.

-Mark R.

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