[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Empty deck contains greyed out "Reposition stack" button

LB triasge at yahoo.com.au
Fri Sep 21 07:17:57 MST 2012


Not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour. When opening a Deck
window, if you do not have any cards in the deck (such as for a discard
pile), the "Reposition stack" button is greyed out. This means that you
cannot position the deck on the board with this button. To get around
this, you need to add a card to the deck and then the button becomes
available to reposition the deck on the map.

It seems to me that you should still be able to use this button even if
there are no cards in the deck as the x, y, width and height of the deck
are already defined in the deck window.

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