[messages] [Developers] What needs t o be resolved before 3.2.0?

barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Fri Sep 21 11:58:05 MST 2012

Speaking about tiles, how exactly do they work? I mean.. are they saved
everytime one loads the same module with a different build of Vassal?

It's weird, because after wiping out completely the
AppData/Roaming/VASSAL/tiles and starting MH 1.2 with build 8355 tiles
were saved in a certain new folder:
1) __is it normal they took 100 Mb of space when the original images
themselves take only 40 Mb or so?__ 

then I quit and reloaded the same module with build 8313
2) __is it normal that this time no tiles were saved?__ 

then I quit and reloaded the same module with beta 1
3) __is it normal that this time tiles were saved again, and in the same
folder as for the 8355 build, for a total of 200 Mb in use?__ 

__4) shouldn't there be an automatic tiles removal process when somebody
does a "Remove Module"?__

I am sure there is none at present because I removed MH 1.2 from the
Vassal console (of beta 1) and, while the module didn't show up anymore
in any other build's console window, the 200 Mb of tiles were still
sitting there untouched.

It was strange to have to wipe out 1.2 GB of disk space with only maybe
4 modules still showing in the Vassal console (but also, I guess,
multiple istances of the MH tiles whenever I tried a new build).

Maybe tile cleaning up should be included in 3.2.0 official release.

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