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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Wed Sep 26 09:34:27 MST 2012

Yes, this has come up before.  You're right the module is too strict.  You
are legally allowed to play a card in the headline phase even if its
preconditions are not met.  Originally, this was intended as an aid --
partly because the undo mechanism is unreliable.  It does however happen
that sometimes, someone has a burning desire to play a card in the headline
phase for no effect.  (I don't really understand why you would want to do
that, but it's besides the point).  You're not actually the first person to
bring this up as quite recently someone else has mentioned it.

I have not put this one into my list of bugs as I'm not 100% sure that it's
a bug.  True, it's technically legal, but no one has been able to tell me
why you'd want to do this.  I probably will change it, but it's towards the
bottom of the list.  Obviously, I've played a lot of TS, but I have never
ever played a game where anyone would want to do this -- usually you're
hungry for Ops, so why would you throw them away?

So, short version: yes, it's technically a bug.  Yes, I will fix it some
day.  No, it's not high up there on the list.

- M.

On 26 September 2012 13:08, derwerner <wernervdwiel at gmail.com> wrote:

> I've tried to play Special relationship as USSR  while the UK wasn't US
> controlled. Vassal prevented this,  but asking around (e.g twilight
> strategy) general consensus was that although the event wouldn't
> trigger, I should be able to play it. I'm afraid  Vassal is too strict
> in it's interpretation of the rules concerning headlines. Could you make
> an adaptation?
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