[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Unable to take command, after connect to server

george973 george973 at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 29 11:31:39 MST 2012

It's not entirely clear what's happening. But I think you are saying
that when you put it on the server you can't join rom another PC.

Your identity in VASSAL is tied to your password. If you try and access
a game from a different machine which has a different password set for
the game in its preferences VASSAL thinks you are a different person.

In normal modules you can only take control of a side if no other player
has done so and can only control one side at a time. So if you use a
different password you won't be able to control the side you nwere

OCS modules have an expanded control system where it is possible to have
more than one player per side. If you don't command a side (your
password doesn't match someone who controls that side) you get the
option to join a side. This posts a request which an existing player on
that side must accept before you actually take control of the side.

If the OCS module gives you the option to join a side it means that it
has registered at least one different password as controlling that side.
There will also be an option "Commanders of the X side.." which will
show the names of the people currently in control of that side. If one
of them is you then you've definitely a different password. Go into
Preferences and select "Personal" tab and change the password to match
the one you used initially.

If you don't know what that was then you need to send me the save file
so I can find out with the debugger.


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