[messages] [Developers] Using GetProperty with Named Map for SetGlobalProperty

Flaney flaney at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 29 16:59:21 MST 2012

Please help.

I have a [Map Window] called __Centauri_Display__. In this window, there
are [Global Properties] __G_GrossEcon__, among others.

Now each StarBase in the [Map Window] __KnownSpace__, contains traits
that update the __G_GrossEcon__ for its Empire using a [Set Global
Property] that _Locate Property starting in the_: Named Map
using _Name of the map containing property_:
GetProperty(__Empire__+__Display__), where Empire is defined in
[Property Sheet] __Empire__ = Centauri, and Display is defined as
[Marker] __Display __= _Display  for the unit in question.

Unfortunately, I get an error:
Set Global Property (G_GrossEcon: (g_getActiveEconomy) ::Data transfer:
$Economy$ <Deposit Econ to Centauri Display>): Unable to locate Global
Property named G_GrossEcon in Named Map

I have tried various methods like creating a [DP] __EmpireMap__ which
sets it using GetProperty(__Empire__+__Display__) and then placing _Name
of the map containing property_: __EmpireMap__ for the [SGP] without

Any definition of GetProperty() or [SGP] restrictions for _Name of the
map containing property_:?


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