[messages] [General Discussion] How are we connected to each other?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sat Aug 3 15:12:17 MST 2013

Thus spake cjmeate:
> Hi. Brand new to this incredible program, and have a quick question...
> How are individual modules connected over a server? If I am playing an
> old module of game X, will I see/be able to interact with people playing
> the newest module version of game X? I have a game module I would like
> to share so that people can enjoy it, but whenever I go on the server
> there are other people playing a 10 year old version. 

Have you released the module somewhere that others can get it? (E.g., on
the module's page in our module library?) Have you checked whether the
older version of the module is still maintained?


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