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cjmeate mikeebmusic at aim.com
Sun Aug 4 14:20:53 MST 2013

No problem, man. I am completely brand new to this as well, so it is
good to have someone to try and learn with. While obviously there are a
few genius's ie.  "Brent Easton" , "Uckelman" , a lot of this is really
just learning on your own. I am still somewhat clueless when it comes to
global properties, multi action buttons, and most of the essential
features to Vassal. But, I am learning as fast as I can.

If you are ever interested in working out some stuff together, I
definitely would enjoy speaking with you about this music issue/other
game sound possibilities; as well as to try and pick up some of the more
basic functions.. Right now I am working on a massive renovation of
Munchkin. I could always use some feedback, or help implementing
features if you would be interested (assuming you know/like the game

Drop me a line.

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