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oho hoffmanns.kaarst at gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 15:21:40 MST 2013

yes, I just played with simpler rules, but we have to agree on that. 
For example we can play just without the admin points. Just moving the
armies even without attrition is fun. Sorry I didnt answer too quickly.
I have histwar les grognards (www.histwar.com[1]) and there you can
create an actual battlefield in 3 d from google maps , make your owhn
Order of battle and fight it out in 3D with 1:1 soldier-scale (literally
with 200 000 figures+ organized in regiments and corps) on a similar to
real live landscape. So one can make a quite simple campaign and when
the battle starts (or when the armies come closer than 8 km i.e. 4
hexes) one can fight it out in realtime or pla by email in 3D.
If you dont have this game we have to find some easier rules for combat
How much complexity would you like to play with?

[1] http://www.histwar.com

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