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Michael Kiefte mkiefte at dal.ca
Tue Aug 6 04:12:18 MST 2013

What happens if you change the influence totals manually? Do you get the same behaviour?

- M.

On 2013-08-03, at 2:52 AM, stepal <ste_gr at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I'm using Vassal 3.1.20 and TS module 3.0.10a running on Windows Vista.
> When i'm using an event or an option (coup) that alters the number of
> the counters in a region, then it gets confused as it disappears
> visually the counters to be removed but internally it keeps them and it
> counts them as if they were present.
> P.e. when usa coups Pakistan where ussr had 2 inf and the dice result
> removes all 2 ussr inf and places 2 usaa inf, the engine doesn't give
> control to the usa because it considers that the ussr inf are present
> even if the were removed.
> This happens with every opponent thay i have played, even with them who
> are using same engine and module as i do, so i think that it' s my
> fault.
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