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cjmeate mikeebmusic at aim.com
Wed Aug 7 09:01:52 MST 2013

Hi Tim. I just was able to try your solution, but i seem to be having
trouble. I need the number to reset every time a card leaves that zone.
It seems to just be staying the same when I remove a bonus, and then
keeps going up as I add others. Also, I was unsure how to add text to a
blank counter (do you mean turncounter with a counter added to it?) so I
just used an at-start-stack with a basic piece and a label on it. But I
was confused as to what commands to even put on it.

I have spent the last 10 hours trying to figure this out, but no luck.
Do you think you could maybe please guide me through this, or someone
else who maybe has an idea why the total value is not going back down
when the card leaves the zone? Thanks

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