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klaus klauszhao at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 18 11:30:01 MST 2013

In a very small number of 8-player games of Incan Gold, I've found that
there is a fine amount of strategy. As with fewer players, success is
about accurately predicting when other players will retreat. Going out
early can be good if few do it, but sticking around can also be a
valuable strategy if the group has an inclination to get out before the
hazards appear.

It is true that with eight players there are fewer gems to go around,
but I haven't found this to hurt the strategy. There are more gems left
in the temple rather than distributed upon drawing the card, and so
there is a greater potential reward upon retreating.

My one complaint with eight players is that the game doesn't include
quite enough gems. We found ourselves having to constantly cash in the
five and ten gems for more ones.

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