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Mon Aug 19 19:06:50 MST 2013


Thanks again for the additonal help.

> If you have a complex CP that is being re-calculated often (e.g. every
> time a piece is redrawn), then you may experience performance issues.

Yes, I thought about the constant re-calculation aspect of this.  I'll
have to check that against my coding model, but I think that may
actually solve a problem for me in this case, as I need a couple of
calculations to be constantly updating.

> A CP has no side effects - it cannot change any global properties or
> trigger any other traits. To increment a property named Total by 1,
> you would need to use a Set Global property, or Dynamic Property trait
> appropriately triggered.

This is good information as well--thank you.  I was under the impression
that part of my IF clause could be the alteration of another
property--apparently not.

> A piece will report it's location as "offboard" if it is in a border
> defined around the edge of a board. In this case, comparing to the
> string "offboard" should work. Depending on how you have set up
> boards, maps, and zones, pieces may return any location name at all
> including "". In this case, comparing to "" should work.

As far as my "offboard" issue goes, I seem to recall in the past that
any piece that was not currently residing in a defined zone, region, or
other grid area was considered "offboard".  I may be remembering that
wrong, as the module in question has changed several times now.  Does
that sound right to you?  Also, I'm not sure exactly what you mean by
"border defined around the edge".  Could you explain that a bit?  I
always add some extra pixel area to my map images for counter stacks and
decks, sort of like a virtual table.  Is this what you mean?

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