[messages] [Module Design] Private Window: stack view for non-owning players?

GonzoGonzolas cbell.gm at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 11:17:30 MST 2013

Just started Vassaling a few weeks ago, but already created my first
full Vassal module (SaintPetersburg+expansions) and came up with one
minor problem in playtest...

I used private map windows (viewable to all players) for a combination
of playerboad and player hand  (cards "in hand" are just face-down).
This works well and does exactly what I want/expect save for one
thing.... the stack viewer only activates for the owning player.  I have
tried all possible options but cannot find a way for non-owning players
to invoke the stack viewer on opponents boards, despite the fact they
can otherwise view everything there.

I was relying on the stack-viewer to bring up enlarged views of cards
played for all players, not just ones own cards.
It's a bummer because otherwise the module is complete and plays very

I can use non-private boards to resolve, but then the pieces become
modifiable by opponents which is what I wanted to avoid.  I could
alternatively much with zoom, but this is a bit of a
hack....particularly when the stack viewer works so well for the active

Any other suggestions?
I don't see why the stack viewer should not work if the player has

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