[messages] [Module Design] Private Window: stack view for non-owning players?

GonzoGonzolas cbell.gm at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 15:38:48 MST 2013

I found a workaround in my case -- putting it here in case it helps

First, use public window (or at least add all player sides to have
visibility of the private window).  This is required for the mouse-over
viewer to activate.

Now use the component trait "restrict commands" (not to be confused with
"restrict access" which I tried prior and also kills the mouse-over.

If you are being clever and naming maps the same as side-definitions
(which I recommend), then you can restrict commands based on the piece
map and thus prevent right-click commands from being visible to other
players when the piece is not on their own board..

More specifically, set "Restrict when properties match" to "CurrentMap
!= $PlayerSide$" and then add the commands to restrict in the list
below.  (aside: for some reason I was unable to combine two checks with
an || when also using indirection for $PlayerSide$.  Each worked
separately, but combining both with || broke things.  If I did two
checks without indirection the || worked fine.  I worked around this new
problem with two separate RestrictCommand traits.)

In summary: you can't stop them from moving the pieces within or even
to/from boards as private boards do, but at least you can suppress the
availability of commands while simultaneously having mouse-over working

I hope this helps someone else!!

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