[messages] [Module Support] What is broken in Twilight Struggle wtih VASSAL 3.2

uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Aug 22 03:08:20 MST 2013

We've had a lot of questions about the use of the Twilight Struggle
module with VASSAL 3.2. It's maintainer, Michael Kiefte, hasn't updated
it yet to be compatible with 3.2---but also told me that he doesn't know
what fails in 3.2.

It might be that very little effort (or a great deal) is required to
make the TS module 3.2-compatible, but we won't know that until we know
what is broken. To that end, please tell us on this tread what does not
work when using the TS module in VASSAL 3.2.


* Please provide a list of steps for reproducing the problem.

* Please tell us which version of TS and VASSAL you used. Specify the
version number. "The latest" is not helpful, as what you think the
latest version is might be different from what the person reading your
post thinks the latest version is.

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