[messages] [Module Design] How do a create a master trigger or hotkey?

starfish krhogan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 22 13:32:02 MST 2013

I want to make a hot key that will run 5 other hot keys.   I want to
press ALT-A and have it send (in this order) ALT-2,
ALT-3,ALT-4,ALT-5,ALT-6,ALT-7,ALT-8.   IT can be a button on the map
window.  What I am doing is each ALT command send a card in a "deck" to
the next deck, in effect advancing a line of cards from left to right.  
Slot 1 is far right.  Slot 2 (deck) is direct to the left of this, and
so on.  So, when ALT-2 is triggered, this card sitting here go to Slot1.
 I want a simple way to do all the hotkeys together.  I have 8 card
"deck" hot spots define on my table and want to shift all the card one
deck to the right.

If this is in the developer guide, send me a page # and I will read it! 
Thought Multi-button would work, but I don't have buttons defined - just
hot-keys in the decks.

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