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Sat Aug 24 13:37:25 MST 2013

Alright...so I've had a chance to look through the materials on the game
from the Dwarfstar games site[1]. Not a lot of components with the game;
I see the biggest trick being the need to create new characters, which
might mean the need for a name generation routine of some sort. I've
done something of that nature in Python before, but not Java (just means
I'd have to learn the necessary bits of code to translate, and then
figure out how to work it into VASSAL; I'm sure the good folks around
here would be able to help out).

The biggest hurdle I can see is the need to get permission from Dennis
Sustare. A fully functional VASSAL mod would require the use of the
materials off the DwarfStar site, and it says in big bold letters: __You
MAY NOT distribute these files except as authorized by Dennis Sustare__.
I'll go ahead and shoot him an e-mail to see if I can get the mod

We can talk design meantime. The die rolls can be done via Dice Buttons
and as far as I can tell you don't need more than 2d6 to play the game -
that's easily handled. I can see both time and money tracking being
handled via counter areas on the main board. I see each system opening
up as a pre-designed map window - unless we want to make the twelve map
pieces selectable and make people build their boards themselves; the
boards will have to have zoom functions. The four box corner tokens
could be simple basic pieces, maybe with clone and delete functionality

Yeah, crew is going to be the tricky bit...I'm blanking on how to handle
it right now. I'll give it more thought. Might not matter if Mr. Sustare
says no anyway.

[1] http://dwarfstar.brainiac.com/ds_starsmuggler.html

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