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On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 9:13 AM, Penwith <khornishman at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am in serious need of a software aide for running a miniature wargame
> campaign. I am therefore asking those "in the know" whether or not
> Vassal can handle the following campaign requirements for such an aide.
> 1) Run a single player, as in no opponent, game (essentially an Umpire
> only game) where I can manipulate all of the counters for the campaign
> players (and thus not complicate their campaign experience by having to
> use a new program and the importing/exporting of turn files). But, I
> want this to be done without having to save turn files and
> importing/exporting turns.
> I just want to be able to open the program, move the unit counters,
> print an image file of the whole campaign map at one go, and then close
> the program.

Yes, you can do this.
You would want to add the feature to "take a picture" of the map, which you
could then print.
I can't remember offhand if Vassal supports print directly or not.  I think

You could also do this interactively by having a single player (the umpire)
and any number of observers.

2) Allow "on the fly" creation of new unit counters (for when players
> add regiments,squadrons, batteries to their army lists).

Maybe, tending towards no.
If you can create the units ahead of time and then draw them from a
palette, this will work.
To add completely new counters to the game would require editing the module
to add the new units, which would then require that you reload and possibly
update the game.

If things are standardized enough, you may be able to get by with building
customizable counters which display values that you enter into text fields
for the counters.  You could then add one of these counters and set the
fields appropriately.

> 3) Allow me to create and store battlemaps, within the same module as
> the campaign map, which would then be templates for battles to be fought
> using miniatures on a tabletop.

Yes, you can add additional map windows

My intent is to post a campaign diary on a blog, with each campaign turn
> recorded as an image. All of the player's unit counters, including
> fortifications, would be visible in this one image.
> Also, each player is to create their own flag and I would want to import
> those to be used on their unit counters.

You would have to do this when you create the module.

> Any help I could get in response would be most welcome.
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