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wliednm willie_phx at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 27 10:05:46 MST 2013

When you double-click the mod file, your system thinks a .mod file is a
playlist and tries to launch a media player. 

You need to change your file associations so that .mod files are
associated with VASL instead of a media player. (Your Windows help file
should tell you how to change file associations.)mycenae 
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I'm having much the same problem.I changed the association to VASSAL (pc
was trying to open it in Adobe) and now it doesn't try to open in wrong
program, but nothing at all happens. No error messages and no open! I
have the latest VASSAL and I tried both VASL 5.10.0 beta and 5.9.3. I
can't figure out what is wrong. VASL also doesn't appear in the VASSAL
module library.

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