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capi3101 capi3101a at netscape.net
Wed Aug 28 07:54:32 MST 2013

I have a similar problem with a mod I'm working on, cjmeate, and I tried
applying this method without success.

Here's what I've got: my mod is a two-player miniature wargame. Units
are placed on one of several maps each with an associated irregular
grid. When opposing forces come into contact with one another, they are
moved to a special "battle board" where combat is resolved via a combat
results table. Each unit has a Strength and a Maneuver value associated
with it; I've added these as Marker traits to the tokens (Property Name
= Strength, Maneuver; Property Value (for example) = 5, -2). What I
ultimately want to do is have the mod tally up the Strength and Maneuver
scores for all of a player's tokens on the boards separately, then from
those values display the ratio of the Strength scores and the difference
in the Maneuver scores between the two players (and if I could make it
change the display based on which player is the attacker, that'd be
awesome). Right now, I'm just working on the "adding stuff up" bit.

So I created a numeric Global Property for the four scores I want to to
tally (P1 Strength, P1 Maneuver, P2 Strength, P2 Maneuver) and
initialized them at zero. I then created an At-Start Stack on the battle
board and Added a Single Piece to it (I was supposed to do that, right?
The properties you mention above don't appear to be available for an
At-Start Stack but they would be available to a Single Piece). I set the
"Key Command To Apply To All Units Ending On This Map" on the battle
board to Ctrl-X and added the properties as you describe them above.

I did leave the "Trigger When" command blank...occurs to me this morning
that this could be why I couldn't get anything to work last night.

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