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Wed Aug 28 21:22:45 MST 2013

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I have not yet heard back from either contact so this evening I'm
proceeding on the notion of silence as tacit approval. We're underway at
this point.

Today I learned of the power of HTML charts. I was planning on using
them to code in the rules and events. I've already been testing the
functionality of the hyperlinks between e001 and r201b, and yes I can
switch between those two with ease (the links loop into one another, so
that was kinda helpful). They're in a common Pull-Down Menu with Events
and Rules as separate Scrollable lists, with each list consisting of
individual rule or event references. I am discovering, though, that if
you click on a hyperlink and then attempt to reload the page via the
menu that it'll pull up the last page visited from the menu option (i.e.
if I click on r201b, link to e001 and then select r201 from the menu, if
I then attempt to pull up r201b via the menu I'll get e001). I don't
know if there's a workaround for that and it could spell trouble for
this plan. Right now I've just got the three HTMLs I mentioned - r201,
e001 and r201b - implemented.

Any of the VASSAL gurus around here can jump into this conversation with
some helpful tips any time now...

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