[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Load Multiple Pieces + Layers Trait not working

Juuso juhamart at jyu.fi
Thu Aug 29 11:59:28 MST 2013


just found out the neat feature of loading multiple pieces at once, but
I am already at loss with it and the help file for mass piece loader is

I am trying to make 2 sided counters, but can't get it working. My image
files' names end with A for front side and B for back side being
otherwise identical. When I point to the image directory, it takes all
the files to list. When I add layer to template using "'image name ends
with' B", the files ending with B dissappear from the list (which I
guess is good thing). BUT when I press ok and generate the pieces, they
don't have layer trait attached to them thus being in effect one sided
counters with only front sides. Other traits I put on them (e.g.
prototypes) appear correctly on every piece and seem to work.

Could you please kindly point out how I could get this thing working? It
would save immense loads of work to get those pieces generated

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