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cronod aronne81 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 13:04:43 MST 2013

Hi there. First of all i have to say that Vassal is just amazing. I
discovered it just few days ago and i'm already tring to build my first
simple module. As you can imagin, i'm here because i dont really
understund a couple of think.

The module i'm trying to create (Blue Moon City) as a deck on the main
board from where all the players draw some card that they have to keep
hidden from the other players.
So i created a Player Hand Map Window for each player. Now you will
think: so, wich is the problem? The problem is that all the players can
see those card also if they are placed in the Player Hand of another
I try to explain better:
I have created the deck with the options Content Are Face Down? Always
and Draw Card Face Up unselected, then i putted a mask for all the card
with the peek command because sometime during the game the active player
as to draw some cards and put on the main board without look at them,
then after doing other thinks in the game he is finally allought to add
those cards in his hand and look at them.
So using just the peek command the module do what he is suppose to do,
but when the player unmask the cards in is Player Hand Map Window
anybody can look at them.
Another think is that also if i drag the card on the main bord or even
in the Player Hand Map Window, the others players can still right click
on it and active the commands of the card like peek, mask, discard ecc.
What looks like to me is that the module dont recognize the owner of the
I have to keep all the Player Hand Map window with the Visible To All
activated because the opponent player should know how many cards you
have in your hand but of course they should not know wich one you have.

I hope that you can understund what i mean. Tnx to all!!!!!!

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