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Thu Aug 29 13:48:49 MST 2013

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Grettings, cronod, welcome to the VASSAL forums.

So, if I understand your problem correctly, you've created Map Windows
to act as player hands in your mod. What you'll need to do is replace
those Map Windows with ... get ready ...... Player Hands. That's
actually a type of window you can add to VASSAL mods. To make them to
where only a player can see their own hand, you'll have to restrict
access to the specific player, which in turn means you will have to
define player sides.

At the risk of self-advertising, I suggest you crack open the Kerbal
Card Program[1] mod I wrote (download it and edit module) to see how its
built. It's also a card game, and there are private player hands in it.

Good luck with your mod.

[1] http://www.vassalengine.org/wiki/Module:Kerbal_Card_Program

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