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cronod aronne81 at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 29 14:22:34 MST 2013

"capi3101" wrote:
> Okay...check any one of your Player Hand windows. Look for the box
> "Visible to Other Players". Is that box unchecked? Uncheck it if is
> checked, then try again (use that particular player) and see if that
> helps any. Only other thing I can think to try off the top of my head
> is to make sure the sides you're using for your players matches the
> ones you've defined.

The "Visible to Other Players" is checked because if i uncheck i cant
open the others "Player Hand" windows wich i need to do, just i should
see the back of their card and not the image.
Also the names of "Player Side" match with the "Player Hand" name.

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