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capi3101 capi3101a at netscape.net
Fri Aug 30 06:27:18 MST 2013

I'll go ahead and check out your mod when I get a chance; I'm at work at
the moment so it may be a while. I'll admit that I've never played Blue
Moon City, so I may try to familiarize myself with it as well.

The reason why the hands are visible to every body is because the
"Visible to Other Players" boxes are checked. If you want to keep the
contents of a player's hand sacrosanct and visible only to them, you'll
have to uncheck those boxes. I don't know of any way around this.

If it's a matter of being able to tell how many cards are in a player's
hand or having certain rules that require players to draw cards from
another player's hand, you might consider adding indicators to your main
playing area (something that says "Player X has YYY cards in his hand")
and implementing a rules tweak where a player simply takes the cards
from his hand, flips them over and then lays them out on the board for
their opponent to draw.

If it's a matter of "I need to be able to play more than one hand at
once for testing purposes", though, what you can do is use the Retire
button - VASSAL will give you the option to "Play as Another Side". So
when you're done with one player's turn, you just Retire and select the
next player in turn.

Like I said, I'll familiarize myself with the rules of the game and see
if I can offer up any other suggestions.

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