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Fri Aug 30 06:59:18 MST 2013

Sorry, that wasn't very specific, was it?

First off, I'm still using 3.2.5, so this is an issue that may have been
resolved at this point; I need to get to the point where I can install
the latest version (that's all RL time management issues on my part).

It was telling me I had "Bad Data" in my module; I'm not in a position
where I can go into the module at the moment and give you the exact
message. What was going on though was I was attempting to add an HTML
Chart and referencing a specific rule like this: "rules.html/r201b". It
was actually throwing me bad data messages as I was typing in the
individual characters IIRC (couldn't find "r", couldn't find "ru",
couldn't find "rul"...and so on.).

My HTML code in this file looks like this, if this is helpful:

<body width="1000">
<a id="e001"><b><font color="ff0000">E001 The Adventure Begins (takes 0
Due to bad luck and loan sharks, your financial situation is getting
very desperate. Your small merchant starship never seems to have a full
cargo hold, but operating costs are high. Your cash is almost gone, and
another payment is due to the sector financiers. Maybe, just maybe, you
can make ends meet if you look for illegal goods, and begin to take
Consult <a href="#r201b"><b>R201B</b></a> to determine your starting
attributes, and your skills, for your new career as a Star Smuggler,
then continue reading here:<br/>

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