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Fri Aug 30 07:09:07 MST 2013

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On the design front - last night I went ahead and started pulling out
images from the redesign; I'll probably be using those. Probably will
still be using the old design token pieces though (for the ship, boat,
skimmer, Zapp Branni.....er, Duke Springer).

Been giving more thought to crew names - this is something I'd like to
do. Easiest way to do it is going to be just to pre-seed the mod with a
smattering of names (as a pair of multi-layered objects, you select the
names you want by changing layers independently). I'm definitely going
to include the names of the crew of _Serenity_ and a few from
_Futurama_; any suggestions for any others? 

Going to try and get a main board designed today if I can; I've got a
lot of things vying for my attention at the moment.

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