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Uckelman - the exact error message I get with that bit of code up above
__Bad Data in Module: Rules and Events[HTML Chart]: Chart not found
That's when I click on the link in the second paragraph there.

And here's the code for R201B:


<a id="r201b"><b>R201B Your Character — Duke Springer:</b></a><br/>
You begin play as the star smuggler, Duke Springer, a talented and
experienced starship pilot who is having trouble being successful in
legal commercial enterprises. You have a starship
(<i>Antelope</i>-class), a speedy and versatile small merchant vessel
that can be operated by just one person, a pilot-navigator like
yourself. In addition, you are a qualified starship gunner (can operate
the guns of your ship), but the guns are only Tech Code 1 (low quality).
You are an excellent shot with smaller weapons, with a marksmanship of
<b>5</b>. After a rough-and-tumble life in many spaceports, bars, and
back alleys your hand-to-hand combat is even better, with a rating of
<b>6</b>, Coming from a high-gravity home planet, and because of your
life, your body is in excellent condition, your endurance value is
<b>10</b>. In addition to these characters, you have a Cunning rating
(<a href="#r202"><b>R202</b></a>) which other characters do not. See <a
href="#e001"><font color="0000ff">E001</font></a> for complete details
of your possessions at the start of the game.<br/>

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