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artadius artadius at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 20:54:01 MST 2013

I'm not sure what they're called... but the yellow ribbons which appear
on your country's half of a nations influence box to denote that you've
modified that location on your current turn. I noticed some odd behavior
with them recently. I find these useful when playing to easily see which
areas I've modified and which I haven't (obviously useful to know which
areas you started your round with some influence on for determining
valid connecting nations that you can place new influence on). These
ribbons have always disappeared (reset) upon one nation finishing their

A friend and I recently played a game where these ribbons never ever
were removed throughout the entire game. Also, we noticed some issues
where Defcon was 2 but the Middle East did not have the radiation market
next to it as a visual aid to see that you could not Coup/Realign. We
tried syncronizing to each other a couple of times but that did not fix
anything. What can cause this issue and is there a fix? We were both
running latest Vassal and latest module as of 2/5/13.

Oh, and also Card 27 (US card: US/Japan Mutual Defense Pact) was blank.
Not a big deal since we own the game anyways... but still was somewhat

Thanks for any help/insight.

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