[messages] [Module Design] Super-basic question - how to *not* lock down pieces

Shadoglare ssforza at gmail.com
Sat Feb 9 11:52:08 MST 2013

It seems like this should be one of the most basic things, and I could
swear I saw a setting for it somewhere, but now that I need it I'm not
seeing it, not finding it by searching the design manual, and didn't
find anything about it on a forum search (so apologies if this has been
asked before and I missed it)  :oops: 

So I'm designing my first module using 3.2.2, and _thought_ I had
everything working, to the point where I uploaded the module and
announced it's availability on the game forum on BGG (It's for Last
Frontier: The Vesuvius Project)...
only to have a player report that although he was able to move pieces on
the board, he was unable to move any of the pieces that were still in a
hand/deck (which I created basically as separate storage areas for
different types of pieces) they were "locked" and could not be moved. 
They worked fine for me, so I asked if he was on an old version of
Vassal as I've seen issues on other games when trying to play a newer
module with an older version, but he said no, he was on 3.2.2.

So my other thought is - does it have something to do with player sides?
I seem to recall that at first I wasn't even going to bother with player
sides because it's a solitaire game, but then I found that in doing so I
for some reason couldn't move *any* pieces from hands - I had to create
a player side and then assign each hand to that side. 

Which seemed to work fine... for me. I'm thinking what might be going on
is I had the module do an "auto-setup" by having it auto-load a save
file - would that auto-setup still be seeing me as the "owning" player?
It seems weird that it would keep that variable when used as an
auto-start file.
If so, how do I get rid of it? (it seems this would be very important
when creating an auto-start file for a multiplayer game)
Even better, how do I get the pieces to not lock down in the first

Any help in relieving my newbie frustrations would be appreciated :)

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