[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Shuffling bug

mluscher mluscher at wolfenet.com
Sun Feb 10 17:19:42 MST 2013

Adding to Donegal's report:

If you manually add cards one at a time to an empty deck and then send
that deck to another deck, the order of cards is __reversed__ in the
destination deck.  It appears as if the cards are transferred one at a
time to the destination, starting with the top card of the source deck. 
This occurs even if auto-shuffling is activated in the source deck. 
(Apparently, auto-shuffling only selects random cards if you draw a
single card or use the "draw multiple cards" option).

At the very least, I think if you send an entire deck to another deck,
it's more intuitive that the order of cards should not change.  This is
only an issue if the destination deck is not shuffled, or is

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