[messages] [General Discussion] PBEM - Is there a way to show a unit's movement path?

playme1 yerwan1 at aol.com
Mon Feb 11 10:16:48 MST 2013

Hi - Just started my first VASSAL game: Avalon Hill's "Stalingrad", and
it looks great!

We are playing by email, that is, Player A takes a turn, saves, emails
it to Player B who takes a turn, saves, and so on.

When I start moving my pieces I thought I read somewhere that I can hit
a combination of keys in order to show on the gameboard the path I have
moved a piece.  For example, if I move a unit from SS12 to WW10 a line
will trace between those two hexes along the path I've moved.  Am I
dreaming this, or is there really a way to do this?


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