[messages] [Module Design] Adjusting Counter Facing on Placement

wargamerx wargamerx at verizon.net
Wed Feb 13 13:55:41 MST 2013

I'm trying to modify an existing module that has maps with a horizontal
hex grain.  Facing is critical for counters on the map, counters must
face one of the 6 hexsides.  Unfortunately when the counter is placed,
it doesn't have the right facing.  

The original module gets around this by allowing 12 rather than 6 faces,
but that makes it cumbersome for users to change the facing of a unit. 
I found the following thread that covers a case like this, but I'm
somewhat of a noob, and can't follow some of the instructions.


Brent's solution is as follows:

> Your problem here is that the Can Rotate trait always assumes that the
> origin of rotation is 0 degrees, so it's 'natural' state is not one of
> the rotations you want. However it is what you want for the palette.
> So, you will have to set the number of rotations to 12 (30 deg steps) 
> The first trigger from landing on the Map (The Alt-Ctrl-R) can bump it
> one click clockwise to align it with the grid. 
> Then, hide the commands for Rotate Right (say Alt-Ctrl-R) and Rotate
> Left (Alt-Ctrl-L) and create two new Trigger Actions for Rotate Right
> (Ctrl-R) and Rotate Left (Ctrl-L) that appear in the menu. 
> Have Rotate Right issue Alt-Ctrl-R TWICE whenever it is activated 
> Have Rotate Left issue Alt-Ctrl-L TWICE whenever it is activated. 
> Players can't see the Alt-Ctrl-R and Alt-Ctrl-L commands and they are
> unusual enough that they should not be pressed by accident. 

Brent says to 'hide the commands'; how is this done?  I assume I need to
assign the Can Rotate function (with 12 faces) to the units or one of
their prototypes, but how do you hide it from the user?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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