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mycenae ed at crucible.cc
Fri Feb 15 16:28:49 MST 2013

Good call, Doctor. The Houses deck is indeed on a different board, and
now the situation makes sense. I wasn't aware of this limitation on
numPieces. It isn't a very common circumstance in this particular game,
so I won't worry about it. But I will definitely add a note to the
Designer's Guide about the limitation on the property. Thanks.

As for the shuffling once: I've been reading on some Monopoly FAQs that
the cards are only shuffled once at game start and then the order is
retained. For example, see here: 
http://mospaw.com/monopoly/commonly-mis ... nformation[1]

In late stages of the game, since the order is the same, an observant
player can actually predict the next card to be drawn and even base some
strategy on it. This surprised me, but it's an official rule. (I think
many people are used to playing that game with house rules that the
official rules can be surprising.) Previous versions of the module were
set to Always Reshuffle the cards, but this turns out not to be correct.

[1] http://mospaw.com/monopoly/commonly-missed-monopoly-rules/13/information

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