[messages] [Module Support] Squad Leader - How To Use Master Scenario Start Files?

JulianTA julianta at aol.com
Sun Feb 17 17:58:36 MST 2013

I appreciate the attempt to help and the information that the scenarios
will work under the right circumstances. There's a lot of choices at the
VASL Map Bazaar that you provided the link for.  Since I want to play
basic Squad Leader at this point, I downloaded the first choice, bds
00-09, and extracted them into the folder 'boards' within the Vassal
folder.  But I still get the same results when I attempt to load a
scenario - board not found, unable to build map, etc.  

Can you, or anyone, please tell me if the various folders need to be in
any particular position relative to each other or the files within the
folders combined in any manner?  I mean by this that within the Vassal
folder where I have the VSQL module file, I also have separate folders
for the VSQL-SSF-Master-v4196 files, boards_v4, boards_v5 (previously
downloaded from the VASSAL module page for the program) and also one for
boards, where I extracted the bds 00-09 into from the VASL Map Bazaar. 
I have preferences for the module set now to go to the boards folder to
choose a board and if I start a new game and choose a board, the board
appears withouth problem.  But if I choose to load a saved game (i.e. a
scenario) file, then the problem about not finding the board recurs.

Do I need perhaps to extract the board files into the same folder with
the scenario files?  Could you, or anyone who can get the scenarios to
load properly, take a look and let me know exactly how the files/folders
are arranged on your system?  Maybe this will give me the answer to the
problem.  Thanks.  


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