[messages] [Module Design] Inventory Window Reporting Order

BigAl737 akcannamores at ak.net
Mon Feb 18 15:49:55 MST 2013

Is there a way to report game pieces in the order they are stacked in a
location? I'm trying to use the Game Piece Inventory Window to do this
but it seems to report pieces stacked in the same location in a
pre-determined order that I cannot modify.

Specifically I have pieces on different boards and in different hexes. I
can report the pieces by Board and Hex. I can even report by piece name
but I can't seem to find an option to report a stack of pieces in the
order they are stacked in a hex.

Ultimately I'm trying to export game status to a text file. The Game
Piece Inventory Window has a neat feature to do this using the Save
button but the pieces are not showing in the order they are stacked.


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