[messages] [Feature Requests] Persistent Game - Auto-invite

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Feb 19 01:48:15 MST 2013

Thus spake JackFalstaff:
> I hope this already exists and I'm unaware of it, but I'm designing a
> _Total War_-like game that has upwards of 16 players; scheduling that
> many people together each week is impossible, so I was hoping I could
> keep the game open on my computer and allow players to log in to take
> their turns at their leisure.
> Is is possible for my open game to auto-invite players to the room so
> they can synchronize and take their turns? Is it possible to have a game
> running persistently without the need for players to email a file one at
> a time in a chain - which would be unwieldy with 16 people.

You could leave the game room open on the game server---but it will
disappear anytime the server process dies, such as when I have to
reboot the system for maintenance. It's not likely to work out that
well for you.

One of my plans for VASSAL 4 is to have persistent storage as part of
the game server, so you could do what you're describing.

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