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mgringo michael.gouker at gmail.com
Tue Feb 19 06:37:20 MST 2013


I have a mouse pointer issue when launching vassal in this way. 

BTW, Michael, what is the version of Java run by Vassal when you start
it "normally" ? 


The short answer: The first one java finds in your class path. 

What we are doing is overriding the existing class path to guarantee
that we find only the jars that we know are correct. Your comment before
about the system not starting because of the version indicated to me
that there was still an invalid connection to a jar from a preexisting
version (it was compiled with an earlier library). So uekelman's
technique excluded all the other virtual machines and launching from the
command line specifying only the minimal number of jars ruled everything
else out.

I will take a look at the mouse cursor a little later. I am so happy to
have slept!  :-)

All the best,


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