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I am working on a game in which a player can take a card from his/her
opponent.  Once it switches sides, I want it to discard to that player's
discard pile or various areas on his side.

I am using the "send to location" trait to send the card to locations.
I am using the "return to deck" trait to send the card to a discard.

I was thinking I could use the "Dynamic Trait" property to assign a
value (Player 1 = 1, Player 2 = 2) to track who controls the card, but
since each player has his own areas (think: "A Few Acres of Snow", where
you can play to Reserves or Add to Battles or discard), I need the card,
for example to go to 2 different locations or decks, depending on who
controls the card.

Is there a way to do this?

I uploaded a map into the module.  Then I charged the map (and map name
-- I was tracking revisions on my hard drive), and loaded it instead.  I
have done this a few times.

My module is now 120 MB.

I think the module has every map in it.  The reason I think this is
because one time in the past, I took the module to a game with the idea
of altering it, but when I went to run it, and you see it loading the
images, it was loading images that had names that would have matched the
old game, even though I re-loaded the map, cards, and such.

If I am right, is there a way to delete the other stuff?


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