[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] REALLY huge .vassal/tiles: what to do ?

dott.Piergiorgio dott.piergiorgio at fastwebnet.it
Sat Feb 23 20:37:15 MST 2013

Thanks; and as expected, the tile cache is rebuilt at the next start of
the modules...

There's no issues, vassal-side, in adding .VASSAL/tiles/* in the
automated purge list and leave the house cleaning to anacron, aside the
rebuilding after ?

so, a suggestion: an option for enabling an automatic clearing of this
tile cache at end of the session, better if allows for setting a
selective list of tile caches to kept around, e.g. that of modules for
monster games or for games with a very large counter/map manifest
(e.g.VSQL and VASQL)

I always try/test new or interesting modules (and opening modules in
edit mode and looking around...) also for a "try before you buy" sort of
approach to new games, so I add new modules very frequently (current
count, ~120 modules, hope that there's no signed char inside Vassal's
module list/selection window ;) :D )

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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