[messages] [Developers] Couple of suggestions to an engine

djedigamer ddmail0 at op.pl
Sun Feb 24 02:48:49 MST 2013

I have some ideas that can be applied to vassal engine, I think it can
make a program more comfortable.

1. __Cards Management__ straight from Zun Tzu. It is most convinient
solution to make a board visible and all cards at once. The cards window
is placed at the bottom of the screen and hides automatically, when
pointer not hover. Additionally, all cards are visible for a player. He
don't have to roll the screen or zoom the cards. Cards are overlaping
each other and when pointer hover at one of them, it full reveals.

2. __Scrolling the board__. I really enjoy to move the screen like it is
in such programs like photoshop. You just press space and move your
mouse with a gameboard wherever you want. It requires from player
sitting close to keyboard, so for those who use wireless mouse it can be
done with right mouse button. Method applied for now to the vassalengine
is quite similar, but when you click the right button, screen is
instatly blinking and changing to a new board's position. The players
can't follow any map details. This can be done only with an animation of
board moving or, as I said before, with a player mouse move. This method
is more comfortable that aiming the poiter to a beam.

Will these points be useful?

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