[messages] [Developers] Master thesis - is AI implementation possible?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Feb 24 09:14:22 MST 2013

Thus spake oconer:
> And is it possible to solve problems of that type here in this forum??
> Sory for stupid questions, but I'm new here and I realy need  to choose
> OpenSource game and start to work on my master thesis, and need to know,
> if I'll be able to solve possible problems with programming bot for some
> module. Thanks.

Could you explain a bit more what your goal is? If you're trying to
design and validate AI for a board game, then VASSAL 3 is not really
what you want---you're going to find it hard to get access to the game
data in a way convenient for doing AI. If this is your goal, then what
you really should be doing is implementing the game rules yourself so
that you can have your AI play large numbers of games against itself.

If, however, your goal is UI-oriented, then you might find the current
verison of VASSAL just fine for what you want to do.


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