[messages] [Developers] VASSAL Preferences moan

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Mon Feb 25 07:43:59 MST 2013

Thus spake jmalter:
> i've got a prob since 11/09, that the changes i make to my VASL
> user-prefs are not being written to the VASSAL\Preferences file.
> i think this is a prob w/ VASSAL 3.1.x, it might be due to having
> several instances of VASSAL 3.0 & 2.8 present on my computer.
> i am using VASSAL 3.1.14 to access various versions of VASL 5.9,
> including unreleased 'development' versions of VASL. i'm working solely
> w/ VASL.mod, i don't have any other .mod files on my box (WinXPsp3, Java
> 5.8).
> in the past, under VASSAL 3.0, a user could make changes to his VASL
> user-prefs. when he quit the application, his new user-prefs were
> written to the VASSAL\Preferences file, & the old Preferences file was
> saved to a new file named 'tempN.zip', where the value of N was
> increased by +1 if other files named 'tempN.zip' were already present in
> the dir. So, if 'temp9.zip' was present, the new file file would be
> named 'temp10.zip'.
> but since the release of VASSAL 3.1.x, user-pref changes made in
> VASL.mod aren't written to the VASSAL\Preferences file, also the
> expected 'tempN+1.zip' file isn't written.
> as best i can observe at this time, this prob is confined to users of
> VASL.mod, that have both VASSALv3.0/VASLv5.8 AND VASSALv3.1/VASLv5.9
> loaded, in WinXP or MacOS9 environments.
> there's not been any problem w/ 'reading' the contents of the
> 'Preferences' file, it works great w/ no probs when VASL starts. the
> probs occur when 'writing' to that file - any changes made during use of
> VASL.mod, such as dialog position/size, or heap-size changes, or sub-dir
> changes to dir-paths for 'maps' or 'savegames', are not being written to
> 'Preferences'.
> i'll solicit the VASL community for any add'l info on this topic, my 1st
> take on the prob indicates something specific to VASSALv3.1.x.

Does this still happen with 3.1.20?

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