[messages] [Module Support] Squad Leader - How To Use Master Scenario Start Files?

JulianTA julianta at aol.com
Mon Feb 25 11:23:56 MST 2013

Figured it out, finally, with a little experimentation.  I believe it's
as simple as loading a saved game (scenario), which will bring up the
"unable to build board" error message, and at that point choosing
"preferences and setting the path to the folder where the boards are
kept.  I did that, closed the program, then reopened and loaded a saved
game and the board was finally there with everything in place.  

I actually first made a new folder within VASSAL, labeled Scenarios,
copied the SL saved scenario files into it, then within the Scenario
folder, made another folder labeled boards, into which I copied the
board files that I was directed to in response to my post here, but I
doubt all these steps are necessary.  When I get a chance, I'll try it
without the exta steps and post whether it worked.

Since I see there are a fair number of views for this subject, I'm
assuming there are others who have been having the same problem, so
hopefully this will solve it for you as well.  Maybe posting this simple
direction with the scenarios on the module page might be a good idea.


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