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snacknuts snacknuts at snacknuts.com
Mon Feb 25 13:56:53 MST 2013

It appears that peer to peer and private server/client doesn't work
correctly in 3.2.2(?)

Here's what I've tried:
  per the docs, File -> Preferences -> Server -> Add.  This only allows
me to add a jabber server.  New peer-to-peer isn't a choice.

right clicking on the "Server" icon on;  peer-to-peer isn't a choice. 
Private server and private client is.
  Private server simply opens a "Description: Private Connection -
Server Mode" Dialog.  hitting okay appears to do nothing (nothing in
netstat about listening on :5050).
  Private client opens a dialog that displays my internet and local
address and allows me to change the port.  Still nothing listening on

regardless of which is selected, hitting 'connect' (the second button)
always connects to the vassal server.

Is there something I'm missing?  a command line argument to enable
peer-to-peer maybe?


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