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lancerunolfsson lancerunolfsson at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 15:41:09 MST 2013

I was trying to solitaire Borodino 20, to familiarize myself with Vassal
before trying H to H games. Then getting to the first combat realized
that the Morale track and the CRT were not displayed on the map. CRT no
big deal I can just keep a physical copy on hand. Morale track another
story its critical to the game and I have limited space on my computer
desk to put stuff. If anybody is familiar with this module am I missing
something like maybe a control to show the Morale track? 
Is it frequent that some physical charts and tables be used with Vassal?
Like I said I have limited space so especially if I was trying to play
more than one game at a time I see this as problematic?


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