[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] REALLY huge .vassal/tiles: what to do ?

dott.Piergiorgio dott.piergiorgio at fastwebnet.it
Tue Feb 26 19:56:58 MST 2013

@Tim: This computer isn't only for VASSAL... and I'm capable of filling
to near 100% my HD without resorting to games, videos and like, so the
need of hunting for cruft and storing offline unneded/redundant material
happens often enough... I have thrice bringed my HD from even <900 MB to
~10-20 GB during last month; also, if you care to notice, inside /tiles
the tiles are stored with random filenames, so one can't do a manual
selective purging (roughly, of the ~130 modules I have, I actively use
20 or so, and another 20 or so is in a sort of "shareware trial"
(remember, I live with seven cats, and having a VASSAL module is a
prerequisite for being considered to buy) and ~40 are of modules of wg's
I actually own but don't use frequently, and the remaining 60 or so are
either "rejected shareware" waiting for deletion, WIPs and modules with
interesting features I kept around as "source code examples"

Hope to have explained the rationale of my inquring about /tiles...

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

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